Sunday, 19 April 2015

Getting Up in the Evening

As the sun passed across the edge of cliffs and through the bare window it managed to creep its way across the floor. It's glare was uninhibited by the rich wooden floorboards as the amber glow made it evident that it was time for him to rise. He lifted his head a few inches from the pillow before openning his eyes and looking dirtily at the evidence of his old solar enemy, even though half a century had passed he still at least prefered the dark.
He slid from between the black satin sheets and pulled on a pair of trousers, looking at his shirt and jacket from the previous night. He placed his face in his hands and rubbed away the sleep. Taking the jacket up and slipping on his sneakers, he sighed.
He placed his hand on one of the bed posts, feeling the deadly material. Stretching out, he leaned on both end posts and hung his head slightly. Deep in thought, his mind racing through every aspect of his current situations... I hope the path reveals itself soon. Right, wrong or between, any path would be appreciated right now.

Rug: {what next} Pineknot Fireside Rug for Two
Chairs : Trompe Loeil - Enfield Collection
Bed: Trompe Loeil - Canopy Bed {Adult} Mahogany Satins
Side Table: Trompe Loeil - Gramercy Bedroom Table One Drawer Gray Wood
Picture Frames/Shelf: **LunaBlue Caroline Shelf

Shoes: 2Real - ARTFEX LMT (Black)
Pants: Zaara : Classic Suit pants *coal*
Jacket: Milo Imako - Men's Assassin Formal Black Suit Jacket

((Dunphon)) - Stretched Lean Pose
(Developing store, yet to open!)

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