Monday, 25 May 2015

Vigilant Traveller

The forests and woods in certain regions were treacherous at night, and suicide on a full moon like this one. The light flooding between the branches and leaves let eerie shapes dance among the sodden undergrowth. Each step caused sound which bounced around from trunk to trunk, letting the entire forest know of it's inhabitant.

He moved cautiously, hoping that the sound of he and his horse would not draw too much attention too soon. He was still young, but still fast. He knew that should he need to he could abandon this great, beautiful thoroughbred to the wolves as a meal and a distraction. His speed would always be his savior in his first few decades but for now, his vigilance would be all he required. His search was only just beginning to reveal the extents of this world he had discovered.

((Dunphon)) - Vigilant Traveller

Fateplay - Feredir Midnight (Cloaked)

MHF - Othello

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Rescue

He'd swept through the castle, a hand full of resistance kept fighting but the battle had been all but won. There was no sign of the wolves he'd been hunting, though the Katana on his back had tasted plenty of blood that night. Not his usual weapon of choice, however it was difficult to find western steel this far east.

He was about to give up on his venture when the smell of old blood filled his nostrels. The smell led him along a very long corridor and up into an eastern tower. As he drew closer the smell became intoxicating. The door was unguarded, left abandoned by the wolves as they fought or fled. The sound of a chain clinking made him press to the wall, inching forward to the doorway he peered around to see her. At this very moment a very fortunate captive.

((Dunphon)) - The Rescue

We Love Roleplay Items (May '15):

Boots: [BODY FACTORY] - Django Boots (Black)
Bottoms: [BODY FACTORY] - Kizaru Bottom (Black)
Weapon: [BODY FACTORY] - Kombat Katana (Silver)
Armour: [The Forge] - Arcana Armour (Black/Gold), Male

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cersei II
Dress: Poet's Heart - Teyla
Marks: ::Bite & Claw:: - Savaged Wound Applier Pack

Thanks to Harmony for yet again being so helpful.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Against the Wall

The bar was fairly busy. His eyes scanned around before returning the tumbler of amber liquid on the bar between his hands. The sound of people socialising, laughing, joking, shouting, clinking glasses and moving chairs were like white noise. His ears listened for the detail beneath it all.
There it was, a distinct clack, clack, clack. It was a perfect cue. He looked down at the second tumbler of amber liquid, taking it in his fingers and placing it just off to his right in time for her to step up to the bar. He looked down to her high heels, which had given her away then up to her face as she looked down at the drink then at him. She had been about to catch the barman's attention but no need, she figured.
"Well, thank you." She smiled teasingly, taking the short glass. "How did you know?"
"I've been waiting for a person with good taste... been a couple of attempts." He grinned to her. She raised the glass to her lips, taking a slow sip. He did the same, not breaking eye contact from her. Finally, she placed the tumbler on the bar again.
"So what exactly did you have planned here? Pique my interest with a drink and see if you can try your luck?" He shook his head and turned to face forward.
"I don't plan things anymore." He took a sip. "I just know what I'd like." He looked up to her again.


The door to the alley way burst open and he staggered backwards through it, grinning darkly. She followed him, sliding her hands under his jacket and tugging at it. He let it slide down his arms before pushing her against the wall. His lips met hers with vigor and her response was just as energetic, her hands searching his sides and sliding up is shirt. He pulled her leg up to his waist, pressing his hips into hers as his tongue danced with hers.
She pulled at his shirt, urging him to raise it off his torso. Eventually, he complied, raising his arms and allowing her to pull it from him. She looked at his bare chest then back up to his eyes, silently. There was a pause of calm, ended by his urge. He leaned his head to her shoulder, kissing her neck and dragging his tongue up towards her ear. Her head tipped back and she closed her eyes, she could feel his hand move slowly up her thigh to the edge of her shorts. She let out a light moan as his hand slipped under the material. Then she winced, his fangs sank deep into the side of her throat. She was helpless to him but she didn't care how much it hurt, it felt so good.

Custom Pose by ((Dunphon)) Poses

Nathaniel's outfit:
Jeans - *X*plosion X*Bolt MeshPants (Navy)

Introducing Belladonna, my recently updated and latest toy:
Shorts - .miss chelsea. Buttoned Shorts FaMESHed Gift
Jacket - [NV] 2015 Jacket -Black- Available at the Dark Style Fair
Shoes - AZOURY -  Innamoramento high-heeled - (Maitreya) - Dark - Available at the Dark Style Fair

Saturday, 16 May 2015

This is my Gift

I thought the first night would be the worst, a sudden release of anger, finally letting myself be free from my morality. I thought it'd be like a burst that would die down... it would seem I was wrong, I feel it growing. It's like deep inside of me my darkness is once again getting the taste for this. This is my gift to the world, this is my gift to you all. I cannot alway promise I will make it quick.

((Dunphon)) - Behold

DECO - MESH His Peacemaker Duster (leatherblack)

Friday, 15 May 2015

Midnight Feast

When the darkness falls, that is when he is strongest, when his will to remain human by any form wains and he is more the beast than the man...

She was exquisite...

Will you still hold me when you see what I have done?
Will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victim's blood?

Serene Darkness

((Dunphon)) - Be Seated

Thursday, 14 May 2015

SLife Imitates Art

No Story to this, I was actually challenged to recreate a scene with poses through ((Dunphon))... here's how it turned out!

Thanks to NexFortuna for the challenge and to Harmony for always letting me use and abuse her.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Darkness Creeping In

I'm not even truly sure what happened, I just know it had to happen. I've put it off too long and now it's overwhelmed me. A sweet release for the creature, which I had bound and gagged and left to die in the prison of my own conscience.

Is he free again? Or will this be the rare sight of a beast only freed for one night out of hundreds?

I daren't imagine... but when I do... it excites me to my very core... What have I done?

Zaara - Classic Suit (Coal)

((Dunphon)) - What have I done?

Freak Like Me

How twisted can you be to have the sickest thoughts like me?
I'll listen but I'm free, so don't tell me I ought to be.
Just like the rest or in a vest, the choices that I see.
But I confess I'll like the vest, keeps you away from me.

Since you're afraid to see what's real, you'll live in make believe.
You have parades and make your meals, don't give but take with greed.
A life that you can savor is a life not hard, but free.
But what would all your neighbors think, oh no your yard's not green?

Give anything to shun us, keep us still, don't let us leave.
Give anything to stun us, we're not ill, just let us be.
And if you feel we're lame, well then we're nothing weak, you'll see.

But if you feel the same, well then you're just a freak... like me.

Poem by Nicholas Bascom (2010)

::GB::Military jacket  With T / Black Available at The Men's Dept. (May)

((Dunphon)) - Stretched Lean

Carnival Set by [we're CLOSED]

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Engagement Dinners and Lucid Dreams

He sat opposite her, smiling, beautiful, perfect. He knew all this, her features oh so familiar but why was it he felt so strongly but only recognised her. He could swear he'd felt this way about her for so long but as he watched her eat he was confused... why her? Who was she really?

Without control, he put down his knife and fork and stepped out from his seat, smiling as he walked around to her. She frowned as he took her hand but stood anyway. What was he doing? He got down on one knee, taking out a small box from inside his jacket and revealing a ring. Her hands immediately rushed to her face in utter joy and slight embarrassment but she nodded wordlessly.

He beamed proudly as he took the ring from the box and slid it onto her finger. Words couldn't express what he was feeling.... mostly confusion.... What in the hell was going on and why was he doing this. Who was she? She seemed so familiar but he barely knew her at the same time.

He stood, still holding the hand with the ring on her finger. The diamond and sapphires gleamed in the dull light. She stared into his eyes as he leaned down and kissed her knuckles, graciously.

She turned bright red as he pampered her silently... Why were neither of them speaking? Nothing was adding up, he just knew he cared about her more than anything. But who was she and why?

She stepped closer to him, a little shorter than he, even in those heels. Her hands reached up and cupped his jaw and she giggled in complete silence. Leaning up on her tiptoes, she kissed him softly as he placed his hands on her hips. The silence added to the way he felt her... or did it? It also added to his concern... there was an open fire, but even that made no sound,

He kissed her back, softly at first but then more and more deeply. Suddenly, he felt his hunger for her. His inner concern switched. In sheer panic he willed himself not to do it, he clearly loved this woman.... Don't do it!

He couldn't help himself. He swung her round and leaned her over, looking into her eyes as she smiled up at him. He smiled back, a deadly, fanged grin. Her smile disappeared almost instantly but she was not quick enough to stop him. He feasted heartily as she gripped onto him in desperation.

Eventually, she went limp and he had to cradle her completely. His mouth was covered in her blood as her last breaths seeped from hers... what had he done!?

Suddenly he sat bolt upright in his bed, it was pitch black in his room. He leaned back in relief, wiping his face before speaking "What the fuck was that?" Who was she? What did that mean? It all seemed so distant but the look of horror on her face as his expression changed was imprinted on his mind.


All poses by ((Dunphon)) Poses

Many thanks to a very special friend for taking part in these images.