Friday, 22 May 2015

Against the Wall

The bar was fairly busy. His eyes scanned around before returning the tumbler of amber liquid on the bar between his hands. The sound of people socialising, laughing, joking, shouting, clinking glasses and moving chairs were like white noise. His ears listened for the detail beneath it all.
There it was, a distinct clack, clack, clack. It was a perfect cue. He looked down at the second tumbler of amber liquid, taking it in his fingers and placing it just off to his right in time for her to step up to the bar. He looked down to her high heels, which had given her away then up to her face as she looked down at the drink then at him. She had been about to catch the barman's attention but no need, she figured.
"Well, thank you." She smiled teasingly, taking the short glass. "How did you know?"
"I've been waiting for a person with good taste... been a couple of attempts." He grinned to her. She raised the glass to her lips, taking a slow sip. He did the same, not breaking eye contact from her. Finally, she placed the tumbler on the bar again.
"So what exactly did you have planned here? Pique my interest with a drink and see if you can try your luck?" He shook his head and turned to face forward.
"I don't plan things anymore." He took a sip. "I just know what I'd like." He looked up to her again.


The door to the alley way burst open and he staggered backwards through it, grinning darkly. She followed him, sliding her hands under his jacket and tugging at it. He let it slide down his arms before pushing her against the wall. His lips met hers with vigor and her response was just as energetic, her hands searching his sides and sliding up is shirt. He pulled her leg up to his waist, pressing his hips into hers as his tongue danced with hers.
She pulled at his shirt, urging him to raise it off his torso. Eventually, he complied, raising his arms and allowing her to pull it from him. She looked at his bare chest then back up to his eyes, silently. There was a pause of calm, ended by his urge. He leaned his head to her shoulder, kissing her neck and dragging his tongue up towards her ear. Her head tipped back and she closed her eyes, she could feel his hand move slowly up her thigh to the edge of her shorts. She let out a light moan as his hand slipped under the material. Then she winced, his fangs sank deep into the side of her throat. She was helpless to him but she didn't care how much it hurt, it felt so good.

Custom Pose by ((Dunphon)) Poses

Nathaniel's outfit:
Jeans - *X*plosion X*Bolt MeshPants (Navy)

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