Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Freak Like Me

How twisted can you be to have the sickest thoughts like me?
I'll listen but I'm free, so don't tell me I ought to be.
Just like the rest or in a vest, the choices that I see.
But I confess I'll like the vest, keeps you away from me.

Since you're afraid to see what's real, you'll live in make believe.
You have parades and make your meals, don't give but take with greed.
A life that you can savor is a life not hard, but free.
But what would all your neighbors think, oh no your yard's not green?

Give anything to shun us, keep us still, don't let us leave.
Give anything to stun us, we're not ill, just let us be.
And if you feel we're lame, well then we're nothing weak, you'll see.

But if you feel the same, well then you're just a freak... like me.

Poem by Nicholas Bascom (2010)

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