Sunday, 6 December 2015

It's cold out there

Another winter, another year over, another year older. And what seems to stand out the most is the coldness of it all. Walking these streets, hearing the faint crunch of snow under foot, Nathaniel looks around at the decrepit, decaying streets that once were filled with vibrant life. Could it be his presence? Did death really follow wherever he wandered?

 Taking the long road, he glanced to the dilapidated houses and defaced shop fronts before stopping to look back along the railings of the park in silence, where children's laughter once rang out through the day. Surely, even in the snow, there should be laughter and play?
After rounding the corner, seeing the abandoned vehicles, he couldn't help but appreciate the solitude in a small way. In all honesty, it wasn't Nathaniel that had ruined this neighbourhood, it was those who took over once they'd left.
Perhaps there was hope though. He knew one way to drive out those that had ruined the area and it would take very little on his part. As dark as the acts may be, it's always possible to find such beauty in dark times.
Finally approaching his destination, sliding the key into the lock, he smiled to himself. Things were about to change, that he knew as he looked out of the window at the square. Just you wait.

Location - WIP build

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