Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Living Like Money

Nathaniel had the keys in his pocket already, walking around the estate. He was looking for the garage, to find his new car. He had had a good look around the house once he'd been invited in by the current/previous owner.

"Harmony would kill for a place like this." That had been his first thought. And once the young blonde he had met in the cocktail bar the previous night let him in, her fate had been sealed. Her willingness to have him made things all too easy. Inviting him to shower the scent of an entire night spent drinking away seemed like a win win to him.

The brilliant white marble bathtub was covered and the curtains look like some sick and twisted modern art. Still, it would be easier than cleaning up the carpets.

Finally, he found the garage. Opening the back door, he strode past the car to the shutter and kneeling. With ease, he pushed up the shutter, overcoming the electric motors and gearing and allowing the light to crash in like a wave. He stayed crouched for a moment, looking back to the house. "Happy Birthday, Harmony." He said out loud.

((Dunphon)) - Crouch Lean

* SORGO - Vader Jacket (opened)*
*-*Electric Feel*-* - Cudi Jeans

*Available from TMD

Our New Home

Note: I am aware that I have now blogged these shoes three times in a row, but they are such an awesome design and really high quality and I have fallen in love with them a little.

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