Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fun in the Sun

With Harmony Sandalphon

Been a while since both Harmony and Nathaniel were able to just let their hair down, mess around and just have some fun.

After a quick visit to TMD to pick up some appropriate shorts by ...Scars..., we picked up the water pistols and battled it out on the sand. Thanks, Harm, for a fun evening, my closest friend in this world.

Monday, 30 May 2016

5 Years in SL

This coming Monday marks the 5th anniversary of me joining SL. To celebrate, I thought I'd take a look back through the main versions of Nathaniel...

Nathaniel Mk.1 (aka. NathanielV)
Other than the default avatar I selected, this was the first flexi/prim covered avatar I created. It was also, probably, made from mostly freebie... so leave him be. He tried.

Nathaniel Mk.2 (aka. Para)
Having joined Bloodlines and found his role as a vampire, this version of Nathaniel was beginning to gain a style imposed on him by his character and setting, rising through ranks and gaining favour with his superiors. This picture was actually taken at his turning, when he officially became a vampire. Who knew there'd not be long left in his first clan (ExN) in this moment. From then on, Bloodlines would be very difficult for him, till eventually, he all but gave up on it.

Nathaniel Mk.3 (aka. Nathaniel Sandalphon)
In the third generation of Nathaniel he was a many faced avi, trying his hand at practicing medicine, building and finally, exploring many strange variations on his identity. It was with this long serving version of himself that he would rejoin ExN and really develop who he was.

Nathaniel Mk.4 (aka. Nathaniel Sandalphon)
This was the first of the mesh era adaptation of Nathaniel, who was deeply formed into his character and very much a creative creature. After several events this avatar would help create a new clan (*One) with great potential, he would have several major life events (Getting married, adopting kids... getting divorced) and would eventually begin to grow both in RP and in family till once again, everything fell apart clan-wise.

Nathaniel Mk.5 (aka. Nathaniel Dunkeld)
After time away from the grid, Nathaniel came back with a minor reinvent. Though deep down, his character was the same, he was ready to move onward as his final personality. With his personal relationships growing, he and those he still called family built their home.

Nathaniel Mk.6 (aka. Nathaniel Dunkeld)
With the Mesh era in full swing, this was the first reproduction to have a mesh body. This was also the avatar that would find a place in a society other than the dark, old clans before eventually wandering back to Bloodlines, making new and lasting friendships as well as seeing others diminish; as is always the way. This version of Nathaniel is also the first to take his appearance seriously as well as his life history, sitting down to write his life story and starting this blog.

Nathaniel Mk.7 (aka. Nathaniel Dunkeld)
Here and now. This is Nathaniel Dunkeld as he currently looks, his second life lived and his character complete and looking onward to the next chapter and the chapter after that. Looking back, the difference is immense and the process has been wonderful, stressful, entertaining, draining and every other emotion life should be.

The Gesture

The newly updated avatar 7.0 of Nathaniel Dunkeld. Components include:
TMP body
Catwa Head - Justin
[Signature] Hands (from the Gianni mesh body)
L'Etre Skin & Applier - Ian
Vanity Hair - Catwa hairbase applier (shaved)
-Entente- Yves Hair
FATEeyes v3.0

Location: Serene City

Pose: Custom Pose by ((Dunphon))

Outfit (available at TMD):
...Scars... Crust Leather Jacket
...Scars... Leather Pants

Monday, 28 March 2016


Sitting alone in the darkness. That's where you feel it the most; when there's no one else to see it and there's nothing to distract you from the truth. Taking the long road anywhere wears you down, regardless of who you are. Regardless of your strength or power, the things you've lost along the way can reduce them to weakness and powerlessness.
Whether it's the people you've lost, the things you've lost; or more worryingly, the parts of yourself you've lost on the journey. When you're alone in the darkness, with no one watching and nothing to distract; that's when you feel every single moment of what you've lost.

Friday, 11 March 2016

((Dunphon)) Mainstore Coming Soon!!

It's been a long time coming and a lot of work to build, but finally, the ((Dunphon)) brand will be moving in-world in its very first Mainstore.

Thank you to all of those who've helped thus far and we look forward to working with many of you in the future!

So far, we are still building but there will be a URL to come soon!!!

The ((Dunphon)) Poses marketplace store can still be found here.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

When he's in control

It was just the way he needed it, the way he wanted it. Taking control of her was almost in his nature. There was a deep craving to feel her submit to him and once the control was given he could enjoy her in every way possible.

The feel of her hot, soft skin sliding against his as they moved together, the sound of her laboured breathing, the smell of the sweat on her neck as his lips brushed below her ear and his fingers traced her hip bone. It was all he craved... that, and something from deep inside her.


((Dunphon)) - Pin Her

Special thanks to Aine Kincaid (aka Nex Fortuna) for modelling in this picture.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Wrapped in Him

She'd already given him control, which he took without question. She'd given him her body, which he gladly accepted. Now, wrapped in his arms, she felt both completely safe and in mortal danger. Everything he told her suggested that he would never let harm befall her and she was his to protect. So why did she feel like that promise wouldn't be pain free? It was then that the graze of his fangs on her shoulder sent shivers down her spine, but rather than try to escape, she leaned her head to let him take the only thing she hadn't already given.


((Dunphon)) - Wrapped in Her (Coming Soon)